It has been a while since my last posting- things are finally starting to settle in after some much needed work on the back end of the server my site is on. So onward and upward!

There’s a new part of The Dream percolating in my brain, so that should be popping up soon.

Spring has sprung and I’ve been reconnecting with my camera.

At some point I’m going to be doing a post about Evolvotron ( You can check out some of the things I’ve made with it on my Diaspora* profile-

I’ve set up a profile on I will be putting more experiments up as they emerge.

Finally did some much needed changes and updates to my online world.

The main homepage has been moved to a WordPress backend- and it got some polish and tweaks in the process, particularly the Electric Say What, which I’ve added audio to many parts- Personal Abstraction has audio in all of it’s pages.

There’s also a new image gallery, with an archive of older pictures, as well as a full dump of my camera folder that the curated pics in Photo section of this blog are drawn from.

And this blog now has a News section on top of the Photo blog.