One thought on “Fall is my favourite colour

  1. (E) Always my favourite (Am) time of year
    (Dm) when trees abound in yellow and (C) red
    (E) The air now crisp and (Am) clear
    (Dm) and our gardens keep us so well (C) fed

    (G) Oh Fall we (C) love you so
    (D) Until the wintry (C) winds do blow
    (G) Oh Fall please (C) stay some more
    (D) Bring us the comfort we’ve been (C) longing for

    (E) A new set of (Am) books to read
    (Dm) It’s the typical time to (C) start again
    (E) County fairs and (Am) saving seed
    (Dm) Time to find a (C) new friend


    (Am) Dazzling sunsets (G) enrich the evening sky
    (Em) A welcoming aroma of (F) fresh baked apple pie
    (Am) Ears of sweet corn (G) all in a row
    (Em) Like the leaves, (F) we must learn to let go


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