The Dream Part 2

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After reading the first person’s description of the dream, I thought I’d give it a stab myself.

The template is pretty close, so I’ll follow it, pointing out the little differences as they crop up…

The communication in the dream, for me, came from aliens/extra-terrestrials. The message was from benevolent beings, warning about malevolent ones.

They explained that there was a dimension that all consciousness through out the universe shares. Within that dimension, there is a singular, constantly advancing now- with scale and gravity influencing the speed at which an organism experiences that advancement. Most organisms in the universe are unaware of their connection to this dimension- it’s influence being as embedded and difficult to examine with deep understanding as gravity.

There are some species in the Universe, though, that have figured out how to study it. At some point there were some humans that figured it out- they managed to briefly connect with a couple of other species, but then lost connection, somewhat- there was a connection left open into a kind of collective human unconsciousness- an area of myths and dreams.

There was a group of aliens that decided to “help” humans by seeding certain ideas into our deepest dreams, to get us to “advance”- there was a couple of problems that arose though- one, was that the material conditions of humans are very different than these helpful aliens, these differences were pretty much impossible to discern through the mythic lens that the aliens were observing us through- and a lot of unforeseen consequences have started happening that put humans into danger.

These dangers would have been corrected for, but, the other issue that arose, was another group of, not so nice aliens, who, unknown to the “good” aliens, had started using humans for their amusement, and had caught on to the damage being done and were actively pushing the conditions to make the situation worse. Part of their agenda was also to keep humans from realizing the existence of the psycho-dimensional realm.

The dream came from the good aliens as an apology and warning- it was difficult for them to engineer and would probably not occur again any time soon.

At the end of the dream there was a weird interjection that the malicious aliens had figured out where the earth is and are on their way here physically. This was quickly followed up by an impression that they already arrived, but found out that they were microscopic compared to humans and initially could have no effect on us… maybe this then feeds into the first persons version of the dream…

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2 thoughts on “The Dream Part 2

  1. Love, love, love the Dream parts 1 and 2. I’ve had similar ideas, but they’ve not come to me in dream form per se. I really love how you’ve made these complicated themes very accessible and easy to grasp. Great job! Thanks so much for sharing. Love the art work too, yours I assume?

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